EECVC 2017: Second Batch of Speakers Announced

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After announcing the first 4 speakers of the year, who are coming from the United States and Europe, it is just the time to unveil the rest of the speakers this year, whose professionalism and achievements in both academy and industry make them the perfect guests at the EECVC 2017.


1. Tolga Birdal – Doktorand at Siemens AG / PhD candidate at the Computer Vision Group

Topic – Reconstruction via Detection: Efficient and Automatic Reconstruction from Unorganized 3D Scans 

Tolga Birdal is a PhD candidate at the Computer Vision Group at the Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures, TUM and a Doktorand at Siemens AG. His work focuses his research and development on large object detection, pose estimation and reconstruction. Recently, he is awarded Ernst von Siemens Scholarship and EMVA Young Professional Award 2016 for his PhD work. Aside from his academic life, Tolga is a natural Entrepreneur. He has founded multiple companies including Befunky, a widely used web-based image processing platform.

shekhovtsov22. Oleksandr Shekhovtsov – Postdoc at Czech Technical University in Prague (Center for Machine Perception)

Topic – End-to-End Training of hybrid CNN-CRF Models for Fast and Accurate Stereo

Oleksandr Shekhovtsov studied applied mathematics at Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Between 2001 and 2005 he worked in Kiev under the supervision of Prof. Schlesinger, a prominent researcher in the field of computer analysis and pattern recognition. From 2005 to 2013 Oleksandr worked as a researcher and a Ph.D. student at Czech Technical University in Prague and defended a thesis on the topic of the exact and partial energy minimization in computer vision. From 2014 he has been working as a postdoc at at Graz University of Technology and then at Czech Technical University.

He works in the area of discrete optimization and machine learning applied to computer vision.


3. Sergii Kharagorgiiev – Chief Computer Vision Engineer at Starship Technologies

Topic – Computer Vision will transform the delivery industry

After receiving a master’s degree at NTUU “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Sergii worked as a software engineer on projects related to embedded software, interactive multimedia, and machine vision. His current job as a Chief Computer Vision engineer at Starship Technologies, company that is building a fleet of autonomous delivery robots. He is working on the mechanisms that would precede autonomous sidewalk driving by integrating computer vision algorithms with robot’s full sensor suite.

viktor sdobnikov computer vision

4. Viktor Sdobnikov – CV engineer

Topic – Comparison of Bayesian strategy with commonly used Improper one for object presence recognition

As most of the Computer Vision researcher’s Viktor’s background is in Applied Mathematics. He has more than10 years of experience in image processing and pattern recognition, which he gained by working in different companies. At his latest job, he was responsible for the design of applied computer vision algorithmsschemes for algorithms’ learning and optimization.

Viktor’s professional interests include a development of the correct mathematical formulation of practical tasks of recognition and its learning as well as modern research and development in the area of images recognition and processing.


5. Ievgen Gorovyi – CEO, founder at It-Jim

Topic – Computer vision for radars: modern trends and challenges

Ievgen has started his career at the research institution. As a result, he received a PhD degree in radar imaging and multiple awards for the best papers at different international conferences. Currently, he is a founder and CEO of a company working with computer vision, pattern recognition, and AI. field of interests include signal and image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, AI and augmented reality.He believes that computer vision has an overwhelming potential in a number of fields.

Ievgen’s field of interests include signal and image processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, AI and augmented reality. He also believes that computer vision has an overwhelming potential in a number of fields.


As every guest speaker is hand-picked and every topic is critically chosen, we can ensure that you will hear only useful technical reports from our guest speakers. 
Meeting the peers (all of which are CV engineers, so NO headhunters or amateurs), exchanging the knowledge and just spending nice and at the same time productive time in Odessa is a rare opportunity, which should not be missed.

Hurry up to register to become a part of this year event and learn from the best!

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