EECVC 2017: First Speakers Announced

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Eastern European Computer Vision Conference is approaching and we are excited to announce our first extremely cool speakers. This year it will hosts professionals from the most renowned companies and research institutions that pioneer with a breakthrough application of algorithms.

So, let’s unveil the first four speakers of this year’s event:


1. James Pritts – Researcher at Czech Technical University in Prague (Center for Machine Perception)

Topic: A new greedy algorithm for estimating a generative model for how coplanar repetitive patterns are projected into images

Prior to joining CMP, James had has an extensive experience working in different companies. He was a Lead Engineer at BAE Systems, where he contributed to several US Department of Defense (DARPA) computer-vision research efforts; at NASA, he created gesture-recognition software for remotely controlling robotic arms of the International Space Station; and for Shell Global Solutions, he designed high-performance process control algorithms.

His current research is related to detecting and modeling repeated patterns in images.


2. Andrew Rabinovich – Director of Deep Learning at Magic Leap

Topic: Then, Now, Tomorrow: Neural Networks for Computer Vision

Prior working in a US startup Magic Leap, Andrew was working for nearly 7 years for Google. Recently Magic Leap that is working on a head-mounted virtual retinal display, has raised nearly $1.4 billion in venture capital, including $794 million this past February, reportedly the largest C round in history.

Andrew’s main expertise is in designing large-scale data processing systems with emphasis on computer vision and machine learning.



3. Andrey Yatsunenko – CV Software Engineer at Google (San Francisco, USA)

Topic: The Future of Mobile Imaging

Having more than 20 years in IT, Project management and Team leading, Andrey worked in such companies as Viewdle (a startup with state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, that was acquired by Google for about $30 mln), Motorolla and Google.

Andrey’s expertise lies in the domains of computer vision, image processing, networking, embedded and mobile technologies.


4. Valeriy Krygin  – Developer at GlobalLogic Ukraine

Topic: Fetching face mesh from an image: from Gaussian noise to an obstructive nose

Valeriy’s background is in Applied Mathematic. Before becoming a developer at GlobalLogic, Valeriy was working for more than 2 years at Space Research Institute of NAS Ukraine. He has been working on research in patterns recognition field for the last three years. Master’s thesis, in which Valeriy has researched fundamental questions regarding the problem of an inverse rendering of a face from one or several images was done under the supervision of Sdobnikov V. and Schlesinger M.

Soon, we will introduce the rest of our speakers this year, so keep an eye on our posts.

Eastern European Computer Vision Conference 2017 is the only event of such kind in Eastern Europe, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of it – apply for the registration!

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