Computer Vision Conference for Developers from Eastern Europe

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Location – Odessa, Ukraine (venue address will be sent to participants)

Date – July 9th, 2016

Hey guys,

We are organizing a big event for more than 200 computer vision specialists in summer. It is a unique opportunity for researchers and developers to meet, share their knowledge, learn about new trends and find like-minded people. The conference should serve as a forum for ideas relevant to the use of vision, range sensors and robot perception.

It will go side by side with rock, jazz festivals, fashion week and other events in Odessa, Ukraine. Participants will definitely have a great time in the Capital of Humor and Night Life by the Black Sea (

The topics of the conference will include:

– computer vision and pattern recognition; its application for robotics and drones;

– new trends in programmable processors for vision and computational imaging;

– hardware enhancements (lens, imager, processor) that impact vision applications;

– software enhancements (OS, middleware, vision libraries, development tools) that impact embedded vision application;

– localization and mapping;

– vision based control;

– robustness and generalization of the developed algorithms to a variety of conditions and environments.

We are hand picking our speakers (leading developers from the USA and Eastern Europe) and will release a program soon! Stay tuned!

If you have suggestions or want to be a speaker, write to us. We strive to make the best possible lineup with the most diverse range of expertise.

Contact information:

Participation is by invites only!

Everyone interested in attending is invited to apply here –

Hosted by Augmented Pixels

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